T.R. Foster Building

902 Nuuanu Avenue
Architect: unknown
Style: Italianate

The T. R. Foster Building was commissioned by the Inter-Island Steamship Navigation Company in 1891. The two-story brick building stands as a memorial to Thomas R. Foster, the founder of the steamship company. The Inter-Island Steamship Navigation Company eventually expanded to airship travel and became known as Inter-Island Airways in 1928. The name changed to Hawaiian Airlines in 1941.

The exterior of the building features the original parapet, cornice, pilasters, and second floor facade. At the top of the building is a tower and tympanum embossed with T. R. Foster and the year the building was erected.

The building was originally used as a warehouse, as well as commercial and office space. In 1950, a mezzanine was created over the first floor. The first floor was renovated for restaurant use in 1970, with office space remaining on the second floor. A small brick building located at the back on Marin Street connects to the main building.

Currently, the T. R. Foster Building houses O'Toole's Irish Pub.