Hawaii Times Building

928 Nuuanu Avenue
Architect: Charles William Dickey, Office of C.B. Ripley
Style: Richardsonian Romanesque


The Irwin Block, now known as the Hawaii Times Building, is recognized by its rough volcanic stone and brick facade. The office of C. B. Ripley was commissioned for the design of the building; it’s speculated that the building was designed by partner Charles William Dickey. Like many other buildings in Chinatown, the Hawaii Times Building sports a metal awning extending over the sidewalk.

The first occupant was Yoichi Takakuwa, activist and leader of the local Reform Association. He used the space as a wholesale store and headquarters for his organization.

In 1923, the Nippu Jiiji, a Japanese newspaper founded in 1895, purchased the Irwin Block. Upon purchasing the property, the newspaper’s name was embossed at the top of the building. In 1942, the Nippu Jiji changed its name to Hawaii Times. In 1982, architect Norman Licayo renovated the building, adding a mezzanine on the main floor, and an extension in the back with five stories. The building is mixed usage with offices and residential units.