Club Hubba Hubba Building

25 N Hotel Street
Architect: Original Unknown, Upgraded by Lincoln L. McCandless
Style: Italianate


In 1899, Lincoln L. McCandless purchased lots 21 and 25 at North Hotel Street. He built a two-story brick building upon the existing brick building. The new building survived the 1900 fire and served as home to various offices such as dentists and barbers.

Since 1934, the bottom floor has been used as a restaurant by various tenants. There was Green Front Cafe from 1936; Aloha Cafe, known for live nude shows and swing music, from 1940; and Cafe Hubba Hubba which opened in 1947. The name changed to Club Hubba Hubba in 1953 and became a popular jazz and burlesque club.

The club eventually closed in 1997 because of the poor reputation it had gained over the years. Recently, the club was renovated and restored for restaurant usage on the first floor with office spaces above.