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FEAST + Nerd Night at Arts at Marks Garage


FEAST + Nerd Night

Join us as Hawai‘i FEAST & Nerd Night Honolulu team up to host a community dinner & fundraiser to support the upcoming exhibit SymbioSEAS: Connecting Science, Education, Art, and Society through Coral Reefs.

The SymbioSEAS gallery represents a group of 40+ local scientists and artists who have worked together over the past year to bring to life coral research through various 2-D and 3-D mediums. At the March 16th FEAST + NERD NIGHT, while attendees eat, mingle, and imbibe, this group of local artists and scientists will share their experiences on banding together to bring global awareness to the health & rehabilitation of our oceans and coral reefs through the unusual duo of cutting edge research and creative expression. A silent auction will also be held during the event to provide attendees the opportunity to purchase art pieces from the SymbioSEAS gallery.

All proceeds from the event will go to supporting the projects created for the SymbioSEAS gallery.

Arts at Marks Garage | 1159 Nuuanu Ave.