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Honolulu Zouk Sunday at Polearity Studio


Honolulu Zouk Sunday

Leave your "normal person" worries outside the studio and let your "zouk person" head roll into Honolulu Zouk Sunday! Have you felt ze difference yet? Be kind. Be free. Be happy. Dance zouk!

6-7 Level 1: No experience and no partner necessary. Come dance with us! This introductory series will introduce you to the concepts of connection, zouk rhythm, leading from the body, and fundamental patterns of zouk.

7-8 Level 2: This series will develop concepts of impulse, elasticity, and limits, and further zouk patterns such as gostosinho, opening out, yo-yos, lunge-->simple turn, boomerang, bonus, raul, and body movement from close embrace

8-8:30 Practica. Mandatory for attendees of the 7p and the 8:30pm classes. Practice what you know with everyone in class. Lead and follow. Ask questions. This is a really nice opportunity to try to remember what you have learned in previous weeks, to see if your moves work with different dancers, and really get the dance and rhythm into your body. If you see somebody standing off to the side, please invite them to dance!

8:30-9:30 Level 2 - Must have experience with partner dance connection, and be comfortable social dancing zouk rhythm, basic, lateral, ribbon, lunge, simple turn using open and closed position

9:30-11 Party with DJ Javi & DJ Nico Suave!

Each week we have a different sake available for tasting, though we do ask that dancers stay sober when dancing. Dancers often bring light pupu to share :)

Our classes and social are in a welcoming dance studio in Chinatown, with a dedicated parking lot, ample mirrors, and the flattest zouk dancefloor in town!

Zouk is a dance for everyone, of all ages and bodies and sexualities. Our classes and party are family-friendly--children are welcome to stay in the lounge or take classes.

Polearity Studio | 111 N. King St. 2B