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Dial "M" for Murder at Hawaii Theatre Center



Joe Moore & Pat Sajak - Dial "M" for Murder

DIAL M for MURDER – Former British pro tennis player Tony Wendice (Joe Moore) and his American wife Margot (Stacy Ray) would appear at first glance to have a marriage as blissful as any 2 glamorous people living in London could hope to present to the public, that is until a visit from American TV detective series writer Max Halliday (Pat Sajak) reveals cracks in their outward marital bliss. Even a year after Max’s adulterous affair with Margot, the torch still blazes, and though Margot has burned most of his passionate love letters, she kept one secretly hidden, till her handbag went missing with the letter inside it. That’s when the blackmail note arrived…

Tickets: $25-75

Hawaii Theatre Center | 1130 Bethel Street