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A Touch'N Champagne at HI Design Barber & Lounge


A Touch’N Champagne
A Partner Massage Workshop with Bottomless Champagne

Even if you have one hand, one leg and only two fingers, we are massage therapy genies, and we can help you bring the magic into your life through the pleasurable healing that is abundant in the power of massage! Even if our massage senseis can't whip you into shape like the karate kid of back rubs, at least you'll have a great time with all the free champagne you can drink! 

Located in a speakeasy style, intimate lounge in the cellar of a classic barbershop in Chinatown you are sure to get a unique experience to remember. We are licensed, insured and enthusiastic massage therapy professionals and our goal is to teach you effective techniques to send your partner(s) to 7th heaven, while having a great time with other fun people!

You must come with a massage partner (No individuals allowed.) 

HI Design Barber & Lounge | 954 Maunakea St.