Oahu Railway & Land Terminal

333 N King Street
Architect: Bertram Goodhue
Style: Spanish Mission Revival

Oahu Railway & Land (OR & L) was founded in 1889 by Benjamin Dillingham. The current building, designed by Bertram Goodhue in 1927, served as a terminal for the train. The building is made of concrete covered with stucco. The terminal is known for its clock tower, Spanish arches, and red tile roof.

Dillingham’s OR&L Company helped to advance development across the island in areas that were difficult to get to. The rail provided transportation to plantations, military stations, and residences on the Ewa and north sides of Oahu. Train service ended in 1947, and the terminal became a bus depot for Honolulu Rapid Transit or as it is now called, TheBus. In 2001, the building was renovated for use by the Department of Human Services.

Part of the OR & L train tracks can still be seen on the west side of the island. The Hawaiian Railway Society actively runs a train ride from Ewa to Koolina.