Oahu Market

145 N King Street
Architect: unknown
Style: 20th Century Commercial


Oahu Market is a large open-air market founded by businessman Anin "Tuck" Young. The market is recognized by the red sign on its roof, red roof lining, and red shades hanging from the ceiling. The building stands as it was originally built with a stone foundation, bricks, coral blocks, and a wooden roof.

When it was first built, the Oahu Market rivaled a government-owned public market located on Alakea Street. The Oahu Market provided an alternative place to buy fresh meat and vegetables closer to Chinatown. The public market was primarily occupied by Caucasian storeowners, whereas the Oahu Market was made up of various Asian storeowners.

In 1984, the Oahu Market Corporation, made up of market tenants, purchased the building from the Young family.