Bishop Estate Building

77 Merchant Street
Architect: Charles William Dickey
Style: Richardsonian Romanesque

In 1896, Charles Bishop commissioned Clinton Briggs Ripley to design their new office, however his partner Charles William Dickey is credited with the design of the Bishop Estate Building. The building was finished that same year. The Bishop Estate Building can be recognized by its intricate two-story lava stone facade. Throughout the years, the exterior of the build has remained unchanged.

The interior of the building saw minor updates. The shared wall between the Bishop & Co. and the Bishop Estate Buildings serves as an internal path between buildings. The stairs were removed from the Bishop & Co. Building, leaving the only stairway access in the Bishop Estate Building.

The Bishop Estate Building had been home to the offices the Bishop Estate Trust from 1896 until 1979 when it was sold along with the Bishop & Co. Building to Ted James. Harriet Bouslog purchased both properties in 1980.